Organizational Change

If processes repeat without great results, or your organization is facing huge change, your mission won’t shine through at its best.  I can help facilitate your team to obtain a needed breakthrough. 


I custom design approaches that best meet your challenges and budget, help you define the outcomes you need and the methods to getting there, and guide your organization through change to become a stronger, more sustainable, and enjoyable place to work. 


Retreat Planning & Meeting Facilitation

Well-run meetings enable people to come together, work better, and get more done.  I’ve noticed that highly productive, constructive, and enjoyable meetings provide lasting energy and focus. It is my pleasure to professionally facilitate meetings and retreats.



I can provide targeted trainings to impart timely knowledge and skills to staff, volunteers, or Boards.  I pride myself in trainings that take the dread out of, and the fun back into, fundraising. I help Boards better organize themselves to be more effective and focused on the things that matter most.  I can provide trainings in non-profit best practices that will provide the confidence and skills your team needs right now.