Annual Appeal Letters That Raise More Money

Recorded Webinar

This JCamp 180 recording of a live, on-line interactive presentation shows how to write annual appeal letters that raise more money. About 50 people attended with questions answered live. The first 15 minutes cover the basic ideas to get you started writing powerful and effective letters, and the last 30 minutes answered questions that are both common and critical when thinking about appeal letters

The Recipe for Successful Capital Campaigns

Short Recording

Capital Campaigns of all sizes rely on a common set of raw ingredients that determine a organization's likelihood to realize its campaign objectives and hit its fundraising targets.

Recorded for JCamp 180. 

Why Keep Good Donor Data?

Short PowerPoint Presentation

Data2Donors, a program of JCamp 180, provides a systematic and supportive approach to increasing the total number of accurate records in your donor database and helps identify prospective major donors from among the your supporters.