Strategic Planning

Strategic plans increase your organization’s ability to make the world a better place. 


I customize a strategic planning process that best fits your needs and budget, addresses your most pressing concerns, and lifts up your biggest dreams.  You will have a finished plan that is understandable, realistic, and most important, inspiring.  And then I will help you successfully implement it.


In my experience, great strategic plans energize people, give clarity and purpose to the work ahead, and help everyone to work off the same page.  That’s because I’ll synthesize your plan to a single page that everyone stands behind.


I’ve been told that, even through strategic planning can take months from start to finish, the process was the most productive time that Boards and Staff spent together, as measured by self-reports and impact. Organizations I work with have seen growth in inspired program innovations, increased community engagement, lasting improvements to site and facilities, and significant new philanthropic investments from donors of all levels.  I would be honored to help you experience this for yourself.